Discover the use of digital signage systems in education

Posted by admin on November 12, 2014

Article by Kevin John

Digital signage is a kind of ICT (information and communication technology) presentation device that displays information in the form of content that means text, images, animation, video with sound and messages. LCD or plasma screens, LED boards, projection screens are some forms of Digital signage.

Digital signage for schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments is an established way of delivering messages and up-to-date information to employees, students and visitors in real time.

Digital signage allows users to convey up-to date news on events, exam timetables, meetings and schedules, media and photographs or images can be displayed as slide shows. They are a great way to convey messages to visitors such as school statistics, messages from employees and governors and news about upcoming events and latest achievements. Users can also display information showing lunch menu’s, food facts, fitness and offers in canteens.

Digital signage is the ideal way to display examples of student work to visitors and to show films or photographs. They support you to show the best of your school, college or university and create an environment where everyone can feel involved in what’s happening around them. Digital signage is also extremely cost effective and time effective with less need to print providing a convenient way of displaying information quickly and easily.

Digital signage systems are extremely useful for displaying emergency messages. So in the case of a fire alarm or any other emergency your screens can be used to direct people to where they need to go from their present location.

Digital signage systems are also a good way to increase student motivation. They can be used to highlight achievements, display student work or video recordings of student work. The digital signage system assists in the centralizing the sharing and creation of all education related content for educators, students, visitors and parents. Thus, digital signage technology must be integrated in schools, colleges and universities across the campus to enable better communications

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